State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Highest Purity for Fruitful Results

Nath Bio-Genes is producing seeds of 15 – 20 crops and around 150 varieties in an area of over 1000 acres of land. Producing genetically pure and premium quality seeds is a daunting task and we choose fields keeping risk diversity and supply reliability in mind. Presently, we grow different seeds in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

We are also known for building long-term, loyal, symbiotic relationships with our production growers and organisers. We strive to adhere to our commitment towards empowering our stakeholders and ensure:

  • Timely supply of high-quality foundation seeds
  • Training and education to our growers, staff, and seed production organisers to upgrade their knowledge, maximize quality and productivity and ensure timely supply of seeds.
  • Mechanization of processes (harvesters, sprayers, driers, cleaners) at fields for optimum utilization of resources to the extent possible.
  • Frequent field inspections to monitor the farms, give technical support, and communicate quality test results to the farms.

World Class Quality Standards to ensure optimal yield

Maintaining the highest genetic purity of each seed is paramount at Nath Bio-Genes, from parent seed production to processing plants and till the final packed product is delivered to our farmers. The quality control and assurance department monitors all activities of the seed supply chain and has developed stringent SOP’s and systematic guidelines to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

With Total Quality Management in mind – we have our own seed testing labs, DNA and trait purity labs which are located in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh to meet the testing needs of all crops. At the labs, different parameters like physical appearance and purity, moisture, germination, vigour are verified and recorded before the seed lot is conditioned, packed and delivered to the farmers. Approximately 40,000 samples of seeds are tested annually.

Grow Out Test is done to confirm genetic purity of seed samples and 12,000 lots are tested in more than 90 acres of GOT farms located at Nandyal – Andra Pradesh, Warangal – Telangana, Ranabennur – Karnataka, Ooty – Karnataka, and Paithan – Maharashtra. ELISA testing is done on up to 7,000 lots per sample to ensure the genetic purity of GM crops.

The field, processing plants, and seed testing teams cover each aspect of seed supply through inspections at critical stages. The field team submits independent reports of quality tests, the plant team conducts checks like – sampling and intake, hourly seed processing sample check, treatment, seed sizing, packing quality check, and clearances. A qualified team that is trained regularly is key in ensuring quality standards are upheld at each stage of seed supply and only the best seeds are delivered to farmers to maximize their profitability and yields.

State of Art Processing Plants for Reliable Supply of Seeds

Nath Bio-Genes has units at strategic locations in Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Nizamabad in Telangana, Mansaur in Madhya Pradesh, Idar in Gujrat, and Kota in Rajasthan to help us manage operations efficiently and minimize logistical hassles. We have a total processing capacity of 28MTPH at 10 manufacturing units.

The seed processing cycle involves different steps and varies from crop to crop. Our seed processing centers are responsible for surpassing expected quality parameters such as germination percentage, seed viability and seed health, moisture retention, physical appearance and removing physical impurities. The plants are regularly upgraded with the latest machinery and technologies to ensure superior quality seeds reach the farmers by optimizing costs, minimizing operational errors, improving safety, increasing productivity, and hassle-free logistics management. 

To ensure quality of seed stock is maintained even in case of long-term storage – Nath Bio-Genes has cold storage facilities, warehouses, and conditioning godowns having a capacity of 20,000MT. These are monitored, fumigated, and audited regularly to ensure good seed health. Temperature levels of 15 C and relative humidity of 40% is maintained constantly by using dehumidification equipment and air conditioning systems which have 100% power back up support.

Pan India Presence to serve the farmers seamlessly

We have nurtured a robust and energetic marketing team that comprises 35% of the workforce which is ably supported by a vast network of approximately 20,000 distributors and dealers, 17 branch offices, 10 processing plants, and conditioned warehouses spread across 23 states of India. Experienced professionals work tirelessly to enable farmers achieve success.

Nath Bio-Genes also participates in seed subsidy programs initiated by the Central and State Governments, which have helped millions of farmers to get quality seeds at affordable prices.