Holistic Development through Targeted Approach

Success Stories

Nath Bio-Genes strives to enrich the lives of farmers and address issues of climate change, soil health, livestock management and better produce on the table thereby bringing holistic development in agricultural practices.

The Royalty of Panchratna

Nath Bio Genes (I) Ltd is committed to effectively convert the investment into meaningful products for Indian farmers. Our R&D team has worked relentlessly for the last 5 years to create a comprehensive cotton pipeline to deliver tailored solutions to Indian cotton growers keeping in mind limited access to resources and climate change crisis.

One such product named Panchratna in Maharashtra and Jalwa in Gujarat is a majestic BT cotton hybrid, launched recently. This hybrid has yield records of more than 35 quintals per acre in some areas. Panchratna is quickly becoming the product of choice amongst farmers in the commercial cultivation segment. It has enhanced tolerance to sucking pests as well as water stress and requires moderate to high input management. It is capable of producing more than 200 bolls per plant on average. Together with appropriate agronomic practices, farmers can maximize the yield potential of this robust and vigorous BT-cotton hybrid. 

"Nath Bio Genes is at the cusp for a leap with the sole aim to reach the unreached; our marginalized farmers. We believe that such products will become market leaders in the years to come and fulfill the larger goal of Nath Bio-Genes to work towards alleviating poverty and uncertainties in cotton farming for Indian growers. " Satish Kagliwal, Managing Director.


Super 27 – Admired by Livestock owners

Pearl millet is a very attractive plant type considered to be a boon for farmers. In North India, pearl millet is an ideal mix of high grain yield and higher fodder yield along with green foliage.  With the help of the latest plant breeding technologies, Nath Bio-Genes launched Super 27, an exceptional forage seed variety that is rich in nutrients especially proteins and minerals, provides livestock adequate energy and is easily digestible. With higher fodder availability, farmers are increasing the number of animals while also reducing the cost of milk production considerably. This serves two purposes - excellent productivity and increased livestock activity. Nath Bio-Genes is committed to enhancing the lives of farmers and will continue to develop high-quality seed products that benefit consumers, soil and livestock.   

Goraknath 509 – Epitome of Quality

Named after Baba Goraknath, an influential Hindu Saint, in whose name the famous Gorakhnath Math was created in Uttar Pradesh, this rice is a benchmark in its segment and known especially for its superior quality. This is a unique product cultivated and sold not only to meet the farmers’ demands but also the consumers’. This paddy variety is considered to be the darling of millers due to its high recovery ratio. Our Goraknath 509 has been feeding families for over a decade, a milestone filled with pride for the  Nath Bio-Genes. 

Understanding the flavour of Society

Poha is a form of flattened rice flakes. It is a household Indian dish prepared by millions of families every day. Nath Bio-Genes recognized the common demand for this rice at an industrial level, and developed a paddy crop called – Nath Poha to cater to this segment of the industry Today, Nath Poha is extremely popular amongst farmers and Rice Flake Processors. The success of this variety has given a tremendous boost to our Research & Development teams to start similar breeding programs in other rice varieties at the industrial level. We are committed to providing seeds to farmers that add value and improve economic conditions. Nath Bio-Genes has the pulse of the market and aims to strive towards providing healthy food on plates of consumers and creating value for farmers with quality products.

NBC 10 – Revolutionary Climate-resilient Cotton Product

About 60% of the cotton grown in India is in rainfed conditions. In such a scenario, the crop experiences several climatic vagaries including infestation by insects and pests causing huge economic losses to our farmers. Nath Bio-Genes made a huge impact by delivering a cotton hybrid, resistant to sucking pests and tolerant to moisture stress. As icing on the cake, this hybrid also matures early hence it avoids the possibility of pink bollworm infestation.  Our team of breeders in the Research Department work tirelessly to develop products that can adapt to the challenges of climate change. This agronomically friendly cotton hybrid guarantees high yields for the farmers, requires negligible plant protection (means lesser pollution, better soil conservation) and adapts to changes in the climatic conditions. We have promising cotton products  in the pipeline, some of which are at the top of the chart in the ICAR trials. Our aim is to enrich the lives of farmers by further reducing the cost of cultivation leading to increased incomes for them.