Crop Nutrition for Increased Yield

Nath Bio-Genes has a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of biotech, hybrid and varietal seeds and crop protection supplements that deliver results. We also have a strong and balanced pipeline based on advanced plant breeding and biotech innovation which mitigate risks of disease, drought and help farmers grow food that can thrive even in challenging growing conditions(less land, less water, climate change etc).

Plant Nutrition

Crop Nutrition for Crop Production


WINPro GOLii is a specially designed novel formulation of superior quality Amino and Humic acids effective at vegetative and reproductive …


WIN ALL Gr. is a unique combination of biological ingredients designed for nutrient supplement programs for all crops. …

Win Chi Win

The most popular growth enhancer, for Cereals, Vegetable crops, Horticultural crop, and even Cotton. Win-Chi-Win is now available in a …