Research is the distance
between an idea and its realization

Nath Bio-Genes is a research-driven organisation that focuses on ensuring that the best quality standards
are maintained at every step, from production to delivery. 

Research to address Hunger, Poverty and Climate Change


Our goals are centred primarily on increasing productivity for farmers through assured security in food, in finances through higher income, in health through enriched nutrition and for the environment through sustainable management of resources. Through these steps, we ensure that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #1, #2 and #13 in the Indo-Pacific, African and Central Asian regions are met too. We are strong believers of Biotech-Integrated crop breeding and the utilization of innovative tools and technologies to improve speed, precision and process of crop breeding leading to improvement of the commercial product pipeline at every stage.

Collaboration allows us access to some of the best technologies and germplasm of novel traits to design and deliver unique products to the farmers. In addition to yield and yield contributing characters, we inculcate biotic and abiotic stresses into our products to make them agronomically friendly.

Organised Approach

Field Facilities – 
Success through Sustainability


Our R&D innovation centers are DSIR recognised with high-level research facilities in various agro climatic zones in India and the world. We are meticulous in aligning our research stations with the local market priorities and have created both static and dynamic facilities to adapt with the changing needs of farmers. We strive to create the best selection environments and screening facilities for biotic and abiotic stresses and are present in 25+ locations for core-breeding, initial evaluations and promotion of candidate commercial hybrid varieties. We are headquartered in Aurangabad with satellite research stations at pan India.

Lab Facilities – 
Standing out from the Crowd


State of art biotechnology facilities have been created in Aurangabad catering to Transgenics, Molecular Markers, SNP Markers and Genetic Purity Experiments for crop improvement. We have created transgenics in cotton, rice, maize and eggplants which are currently at different stages of the regulatory approval. With the focus on prioritizing rice to drive the growth of Nath we have a world class rice laboratory in Hyderabad. 

Germplasm and Storage – 
Strength from within


The strength of a seed company is showcased through its diverse, well-characterized and fruitfully utilised germplasm. Nath Bio-Genes has created germplasm storage for long term and medium term storage with two thermo regimes at two different places – Aurangabad and Hyderabad. Germplasm acquisition is a continuous activity and we have established collaborations with the institutions in Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research some of which are International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics, International Center for Wheat and Maize, International Rice Research Institute, World Vegetable Center, HarvestPlus Program and Indian Council of Agriculture Research. Rejuvenation of germplasm in diverse environments makes selection easier and utilization better.

Disease and Pest Resistance –  Infrastructure to Support our Goals


Development of resistant cultivars and germplasm through a scientific infrastructure are value creations for the farmer and Nath Bio-Genes strongly believes that the global biotic stress resistance is a farmer friendly trait. Disease and pest resistance breeding is a priority for Nath Bio-Genes. We aim to facilitate breeding for resistant hybrids and parental lines and our field & lab facilities across various agro-climatic regions brings us closer to this goal.

Human Resources –
Rest and Recreation for Better Creativity

Our people are our strength and we believe in unleashing their potential through coaching, mentoring and encouraging. We have a large force of scientists from diverse backgrounds and institutions who are curious, creative and committed to results. They are supported by expert field staff which manages day to day activities.

Field Crops –
Capturing the Unattainable / Touching the Untouched


Enhancing production of field crops leads to better availability of edible oil and nutritionally rich food. This also aids food, feed and fodder security given their large reach to farmers and households. The development of a strong product pipeline to create sustainable research value in Cotton, Rice, Maize, Pearl Millet, Wheat, Mustard, Sudan-Sorghum Grass and Fodder Millet has been a goal. We are increasingly working on Public-Private and Private-Private partnerships which are mutually beneficial.

Vegetable Crops –
Making Space in Every Plate


Nath Bio-Genes has always believed in growth through consumer insight. From the ongoing demographic trends, we are aware that the vegetable production in India will increase substantially over the coming decade. This will require an advanced approach to vegetable research and hence we have a dedicated wing for Vegetable Research and Development. We are working on important vegetable crops such as tomatoes, okra, guards, etc. Our teams have kept farmers’ demands on top priority by developing disease resistant and ergonomically friendly products. 

Biotechnology –
DNA based techniques


Our motto has been to use modern biotechnology to improve crop species, and Nath Bio-Genes was one of the first companies to start a biotech laboratory in the year 2000. Our facility has delivered fusion gene technology and about 6 more technologies are currently in the pipeline. We focus on utilizing Transgenics, Molecular markers, Bioinformatics, Tissue culture, Double Haploids in creating new protocols of crop breeding and new products of unique nature. We use the genomics derived germplasm from collaborative institutions for the development of unique products. Genetic purity tests utilizing DNA based techniques are conducted on different crops.

Integrated Crop Breeding – Improvement through Integration


Nath Bio-Genes relies heavily on utilizing biotechnology tools to improve processes, protocols and products. This bio-integrated approach enhances the acceptability of products in the market. We are actively engaged in the improvement of Cotton, Rice, Tomato, Okra and Maize crops. Molecular Diversity via SSR and SNP markers, Marker Assisted Selections, Identification of Molecular Markers Associated with important traits and Transgenics and other methods are used to improve crops. We forge institutional linkages with the focus on faster product development.


We have forged linkages and are committed to build on the rich network of strategic and sustainable partnerships with renowned academic institutions, agricultural businesses, farmers, etc., to increase the impact we make. We work in close co-operation with National and International Research Institutes including

  • IRRI(since 2011)
  • ICRISAT (Pearl Millet since 2006)
  • CIMMYT (Maize since 2014)
  • National Centre for Plant Biotechnology at IARI.