Strong Roots, Sustainable Growth

Nath Group as a part of its social commitment, made significant contributions in the areas of education, health-care, agriculture, research & development and socio-rural development. The Group has been instrumental in setting up various socio-cultural institutions in Aurangabad.

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of what Nath Bio-Genes does. Our business makes a positive contribution to society by strengthening community relations through value creation and support in the regions we operate in. Farmers and rural communities play a critical role in feeding the world’s growing population. Nath Bio-Genes helps farmers gain access to modern technology, the latest information and training to increase their yields. Our aim is to serve the smallholder marginalized farmers to improve their livelihoods. 

Agricultural extension work

Farmers are the feeders of the world and we take it upon ourselves to keep them on topmost priority. The performance across the business, society and the environment must be in alignment. We believe that the best way to create value for a business is to have the stakeholders play a key role in every step. Strengthening community relations by helping each other grow contributes to the rural economy. Through multiple training sessions, farm advisors and access to technology, we build the farmers’ know-how about agro-climatic regions, increasing yield as well as sustainability. 

To strengthen the livelihood of the smallholder farmers across the country, the promoters have initiated the Integrated Agricultural Services Project. Through this, they will develop 24 villages in and around Marathwada by soil & water conservation, agronomy, afforestation, health and education.


  • Nath Niketan Vidyalay at Paithan, Dist. Aurangabad , a fully fledged high school providing quality education to about 1000 students.

  • Nath Valley School at Aurangabad (affiliated with CBSE) , wherein we played a pivotal role in its establishment is recognized as one of the premier leading public schools in India with a strength of around 1000 students.