Long term fruitful Relationships

for Retailers

Nath Bio-Genes is currently marketing over 150+ products in 30+ crops including cereals, vegetables, oilseeds, and cotton. We have a national presence with a robust and ever-expanding marketing-centered network across India. 

We have 17 branch offices, around 1000 distributors, and a pool of 20000 dealers and sub-dealers. Our team devotes a lot of time and attention to the distributors in key and emerging markets. Holding regular interactions, at the local and head offices, ensures durable relationships and symbiotic growth.

Become a Distributor

To become a distributor reach out to us directly at: info@nathseeds.com

Query about Nath products

Existing distributor and have a query – reach out to us at: info@nathseeds.com

Partner with us

To partner with us (market our products through your own brands or under our brands) reach out to us at : info@nathseeds.com