Infrastructure Research & Development

In addition to the modern laboratories located at the Head Office, Aurangabad, NBIL has three major R&D Farms located in the vicinity of the Head Office

  • The one at Isarwadi (~35 kms from Aurangabad) is spread over 150 acres. This farm focuses mainly on rain-fed ecosystems and seed increase; ii) The Wahegaon Farm of over 40 acres is dedicated exclusively to irrigated and high management product development, and iii) The last one at Gevrai, (~10kms from the head office), is exclusively focused on vegetable crops research.
  • In addition to Research Farms at Aurangabad, there are three major R&D sub-stations: The one at Medchal (Andhra Pradesh) and the other one at Faizabad (UP) are predominantly focused on Rice, whereas, the third sub-station at Abohar (Punjab) caters to the R&D needs of Cotton in particular. A fourth one is being developed in Andhra Pradesh, exclusively for vegetable crops. Besides these main sub-stations, Field Trial Stations are spread all across the country, many of them on semi-permanent basis but scores of them on seasonal basis.
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