Infrastructure Quality Assurance

The quality policy of Nath Bio-Genes ensures meeting world class quality standards so that the farmers get optimal yields that maximize their profitability, keeping total quality management in view.

NBIL has one of the most stringent and systematic Seed Testing Laboratories at Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The team conducts regular field inspection in entire production area. Also Genetic Purity tests are conducted to check germination of lots regularly. It is a consistent endeavor to ensure that the seeds are produced under best conditions and that all seed lots are of highest genetic purity. Every seed lot that comes into the Processing Plants is sampled and tested for Physical Appearance, Moisture, Other Distinguishable Varieties presence, Physical Purity, Treatment, Genetic Purity, Germination, vigor and Soil emergence and reported. The Genetically Modified Crops undergo the ELISA test to ensure Gene Purity. Quality Assurance is also nvolved in Foundation Seed Production inspection and Processing Plant inspection during processing and packing. Every year more than 2 lakh quality checks are conducted throughout the supply chain process in accordance with the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) before packing & dispatch of seeds to marketing centers.

nathbigene quality assurance