Joy (NTH-1909)


  • Semi determinate plant type .


  • Round fruits with green shoulder, Sour taste
  • Uniform fruit size 80-90 gm
  • Good Firmness
  • Attractive fruit color & shape
  • Maturity :60-65 days
TLCV , Earliness & Size retention.



  • Recommended for Kharif & Rabi season
  • Heavy bearing, High yielding hybrid
  • Tolerance to TLCV & early blight

Best Season to Plant


Attention points: Avoid cultivation in BW Area.

Recom. state:  Sowing Month
South AP, TS, KA, TN : May-Nov, CK KA summer areas
N. East Bih, JH, WB, OD : Aug-Dec
MP, Guj, MH, CG : May-Nov
Raj, UP, PB, HR :  Jun-Oct