• Segment (Purpose/Usage): Red dry / Medium long
  • Height: Erect /Spreading
  • Vigour/ Type: Good vigour with profuse branching
  • Fruit bearing habit: Solitary / Downward
  • Days to maturity (Fresh/ Dry):Green-50-55, Red- 90-100 days
  • Moderate tolerant to LCV.

Fruits :

  • Fruit length (cm) – 11-12
  • Fruit diameter (cm) – 1.2-1.3
  • Fruit color Fresh – Light green
  • Mature fruit color (ASTA) – Dark red
  • Fruit surface – Smooth
  • Pungency (SHU) – High
Very good color retention capacity in storage



  • Attractive deep red color.
  • Very good color retention capacity in storage
  • High yield
  • Anthracnose tolerance/ Good red quality
  • High Pungency

Best Season to Plant


Watch out points: Need to spray fungicide Antracol in case of Cloudy weather to avoid leaf spot

Hybrid State/ Market Sowing Month
AP June-July
KA May-Jun