Infrastructure Seed Processing

The company has elaborate seed processing facilities with 10 Processing Plants located in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The company also has processing arrangements in Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan on custom basis. The seeds received from growers are processed to achieve quality standards which surpass those prescribed by the regulatory authorities. All the plants are equipped with pre-cleaner, fine cleaner, grader, gravity separator, de-stoner, indented cylinder, treater, needle separator and packing machines which are fully automated. The company has independent facilities for ginning, de-linting, drying, processing, treating, packing and storage of seeds. The seed processing quality is taken to the next level by ensuring improvements in seed viability and prolonging the shelf life of seeds. All the packing material has best environmental barriers characteristics to guarantee optimal storage conditions for the seed.

nathbigene seed processing