Engaging, stimulating, interesting and a whole lot more!


Life @ Nath Group is engaging, enthralling and full of fun and action. The Management promotes a plethora of activities and also encourages employee involvement and participation. There is a year round calendar full of events ranging from Ganesh festival celebrations, social work, literary symposia and other field functions like the annual Huda Party which promotes bonding and interaction within the family of Nath. 

Our employees are our family, our strength and their happiness come foremost. Each of these events helps in building harmony, interaction and a strong bond between the employees. Happy employees mean happy customers.

Nath Society

Nath Seeds Private Limited Karmachari Sahakari Pat Sanstha Maryadit (NSPL Society) is a well organised co-operative society of employees of Nath Group companies. It was incorporated on 28th August 1986. The Board of Directors of the Society has representation from across the Company.

Over a period of 3 decades, NSPL Society has engaged in various social welfare activities for its members and their families. A fund has been created which is used for catering to different needs such as providing short-term financial assistance to meet their needs for medical, marriage, housing, etc.  Distribution of grains and other materials at lower prices for the benefit of our employees and other schemes.


Aappulki is a denovo initiative started by the employees of Nath Group to build camaraderie and increase cross-functional interaction amongst themselves. The Aappulki Premier League is a major attraction. It is a Twenty20 Cricket match between the employees that makes them compete and have fun together.

Another engaging event is Sur Taal Manthan, where the families of the employees perform on stage, showcasing their talent and more often than not leaving everyone spellbound. If you’re not a part of Nath Group, this entertainment extravaganza will definitely make you want to be. Sports, music, games and celebration – what a combination!

Ganesh Utsav – Weeklong celebrations

Ganpati Utsav is an important cultural event in Maharashtra, celebrated with much fervour at Nath. Every year, we have weeklong activities planned including rangoli and flower decorations, games, sports, cultural programs and a Mahaprasad. Employees connect with each other’s families and have a gala time.

Hurda Party

Our new year begins with a bang as we celebrate the iconic and eagerly awaited “Hurda Party” on the second Sunday of January. Hurda is roasted tender Jowar that makes for a very tasty snack and is grown on our farms. With over 1000 invitees from company suppliers, distributors and stakeholders to employees and their families, everyone comes together to celebrate the first harvest of the new year. Apart from enjoying the delicacy, they also participate in slice-of-farm-life activities specially curated for this event.



To continuously attract, hire, compensate, develop and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce who effectively support the organization’s vision to be the most admired company in the seed industry. To advance a culture which supports quality of work-life issues, enhances employee morale, facilitates effective performance, and challenges employee potential to enable to satisfy customer needs beyond expectation.

To provide leadership with trust in the development and implementation of effective Human Resource policies, procedures, programs, and systems making the environment conducive to be a BEST PLACE TO WORK. To ensure that, we have a workforce of passionate, involved and energetic people who are focused on their professional and personal goals.


We believe organizational excellence is achieved only through continuous investments in the growth and potential of human resources and capital. It gives us immense pleasure to see the positive work culture and nurturing environment that helps employees grow and deliver results consistently. A detailed training calendar is prepared every year for in house training and external training programs are also arranged on a need basis. There is great emphasis on subject matter and behavioral training apart from technical and on-the-job training covering a variety of topics including leadership, motivation, sales training and management principles etc. To tap the creativity of employees, initiatives like Kaizen, 5S and Leadership Development Programs have also been implemented. During the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19 the department conducted over 200 virtual training sessions for employees across all verticals ensuring people are engaged and motivated to face the uncertainties and challenges.

The Strength of Nath

Human Resource

Our employees are our biggest assets and become an integral part of the family. People with strong values of honesty, integrity, a zest for doing something better and the enthusiasm for continuous development are preferred here. We strive to provide educational, housing, recreational and medical support to employees and their families, at all times.

The HR Department instills the values of teamwork, professionalism and innovation in every employee and strives to keep building a dynamic organization culture. We emphasize on constant upgradation and consistent development of robust HR Practices.

Quality, performance delivery and teamwork are byproducts of this organisational culture. A motivated workforce is crucial to embrace challenges in the industry and a growth oriented environment helps the employees to excel.

Employee Testimonials

Ram Kumar Pandey

It is a privilege to be working with a company like Nath Bio-Genes who is driven towards collaborative growth and focussed on achieving goals whilst giving back to society. Our business involves serving the farm community, increasing their income and becoming an active part of the evolving vegetable seed industry in South East Asia. We work closely with the farmers to understand their needs, mitigate risks and future challenges and help them improve their yield through unique vegetable seeds, better cosmetics and adaptability and high disease tolerance. By assessing the different agro-climatic zones, we come up with innovative ideas and harness cutting edge technology to adapt to the outcome. 

The developed seeds pass through rigorous testing at multiple levels before reaching the farmers. This assures a high success rate for our wide variety of high-quality vegetable seeds and helps impact the lives of millions of farmers positively. This commitment to quality in every aspect of the cycle is what makes Nath Bio-Genes a great place to work. 

K Shiva Prasad Rao

Branch Manager

I have joined NATH seeds recently and I have immediately realised that it is a place where one can dream big and then hope to achieve those dreams. It's an organisation where one can plan long innings because NATH catalyses your personal and professional growth, while you are aiding its growth. One of the best things about working at NATH is the work culture. The senior management is extremely approachable and receptive to new ideas, each employee is deeply connected to each other and every aspect is intended towards employee benefit. The HR Policies are helpful, systems are fast and easy to understand, etc. All in all, a great place to work.

Mr. Roshan Latkute

Product Manager

I feel proud to be part of one of the oldest and biggest groups in the seed industry. Being an established company means having a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable people, who have been in the industry for years. They understand the challenges and add a whole lot of value to the company and all its employees. They have helped launch special technology in cotton, ie. Fusion BT and advance the production of Transgenic Brinjal. 

Association with a team like this has added immense value to my career. Nath values their staff and looks after them like a family. A recent example would be during COVID-19 - the company started the ‘Nutrition Garden Project’ through which all the office staff have received organically grown vegetables helping them and their families boost immunity to fight the pandemic. Since I have joined, I have always felt that Nath appreciates and nurtures talent and creativity, making my experience wonderful. 

Mohammed Naveed

Nath Bio Genes is a great company, giving me multiple opportunities to utilize my skills and knowledge in better ways allowing me to grow personally and professionally. I place a lot of  confidence in my leaders at the organization because they have helped me develop and are focussed towards collective growth. The day-to-day decisions taken here demonstrate that quality and improvement are top priority at Nath. The management consistently demonstrates that the people are important to the company’s success. The leaders  communicate the company's mission and vision which motivates each one of us.