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Nandkishor Kagliwal

Rooted in the ethos of resurgent India, Nath Bio-Genes have strived to bring cheer and prosperity to millions of Indian farmers. Within just two decades of our existence, scores of new crop varieties, hybrid seeds, growth supplements and related services are being offered to farmers all over the country. Nath Bio-Genes products, skills and services are in demand both nationally and internationally.

We are committed to bring state-of-the-art cutting-edge science to the services of the Indian farmers and have, made substantial investments to upgrade R & D network in one of the largest in the country.

Reaching the Indian farmers with rigorously tested seed-embedded technologies for genetic enhancement is a goal we are pursuing with missionary zeal. We are determined to play a significant role in meeting the formidable challenges ahead. Already, a range of such products are at an advanced stage of large-scale testing, across different eco-systems in the country.

We have forged linkages with some of the best-known institutions within the country and abroad. Our exclusive collaboration with the prestigious Bio-Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is one such example.

Besides the irrigated systems, we are ceaselessly working for the rain-fed regions as well, for that is where poverty and hunger pose real challenges for the country.

For us at Nath Bio-Genes, serving Indian farmers is not just our profession, it is a personal and corporate commitment……..our way of life.

Nath Bio-Genes: Indeed a passion beyond business.

Nandkishore Kagliwal

Nandkishor Kagliwal